Hunt Hints

Glam or Grunge Hunt - Hints


I Love Computer Flowers


2 StoraxTree unisex gift
Check hunt sign

Is that a door?

Look for the Rainbow Heels

More glammer :))

What's Homer's favorite food?

7 Grumble SKIP FOR NOW
Far far away

8 The Sin
no hint given

9 Mahlberg Tailors male gift
Cha Ching!

Roses at the reception desk

Please make sure you put the trash where is belongs.

12 [UATW]
Just a little clock work

Unique to cervids,

Behind the Mailbox.

Pussycat Pussycat where have you been....holding the prize I bet.

17 Facepalm  adult
Find your solace

The boy has it!

you can get your patty gifts here

Rockin this Rose by the Leather outfit


1 <TrAsHeD>  male & female gifts
Travel up and take a rest, watch those thorns though, I think that's best.

2 Sweet Intoxication
no hint given

 Lots of glamour in PARYS!

Feeling in school again

Since 1930 ive been waiting to be found, the designs are drawn if you look around

6 Prism 
 I need a TEDDY BEAR hug

I live such a poetic life

8 Applique` Chic   adult
 Have a seat

A rose to the girls with vibrant flair, I'm saving myself for their colorful hair!

Franchising is a good business! 

11 [trs]
no hint given

12 #bye
Look in the "gifts"

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